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At TalentProcure, we know that managing your extended workforce is complex and unique to each company. That's why we offer a variety of services customized to your needs and goals.



At TalentProcure, we're dedicated to elevating your workforce management to new heights. Whether you're contemplating a fully outsourced Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program or seeking alternative solutions, our expertise is at your service. Our approach begins with a profound understanding of your unique needs through close consultation. Together, we determine the strategies and partnerships that align perfectly with your ecosystem.

With a keen focus on mid-market programs, we bring to the table standardized processes, efficient workflows, and industry best practices. These elements serve as the building blocks for crafting a customized, future-ready workforce management program that caters specifically to your organization's requirements. Our streamlined implementation approach guarantees that your workforce management program is up and running with precision and speed. At TalentProcure, we're not just providing services; we're delivering tailored solutions that drive success.


Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) model offers the complete outsourcing of your contingent workforce program. Tenets of the fully outsourced MSP model may encompass one or all:   Temporary Staff Augmentation, AOR/EOR, SOW Management and Managed Direct Programs. 

MSP Unbundled

Designed for organizations with internally managed programs that want to selectively outsource specific components or tenets. This co-managed approach combines flexibility with our expertise. Clients choose which components of your contingent workforce program to outsource, allowing for a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

Managed Direct-Sourcing Program

Direct-Sourcing Programs empower organizations to leverage their brand to build a skills-centric talent pool.  Organizations find that the challenge lies in not having the infrastructure to manage the end-to-end activities. Our solution seamlessly assigns us to manage the program and integrates sourcing processes with technology, enabling the swift deployment of top talent for high-volume, critical positions.

Statement of Work (IC/AOR) Program Management:

Whether integrated with an existing Managed Service Provider (MSP) program or implemented as a standalone solution, expanding your contingent workforce program to manage Services Procurement spend is a pivotal move. Our SOW (Statement of Work) Management service is designed to offer comprehensive visibility and oversight into every facet of the SOW life cycle to gain greater control over spend to make informed decisions and optimize resource utilization.

Master Vendor

Our Master Vendor solution designates us as the primary fulfillment supplier who also manages secondary vendors within the program. We provide oversight and optimization within the temporary workforce ecosystem, ensuring seamless coordination and cost-efficiency.

Vendor on Premise (VOP)

In sectors like Manufacturing, Warehouse, Logistics, Client Service/Call Centers, and Healthcare, our Vendor on Premise (VOP) solution provides on-site management of the temporary workforce by serving as a single provider. This approach ensures efficient management and oversight of your contingent workforce, especially in industries where on-site presence is critical.


Find out how we can customize a solution that fits your unique needs!