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Managed Direct Sourcing

A multi-channel approach to finding qualified talent by leveraging our client's brand. We curate talent pools for our clients to compliment their MSP programs.  It allows companies to attract high quality candidates, re-deploy proven talent, and drive cost savings. 

Discover the Future of Talent Acquisition

Unlock the full potential of Direct-Sourcing with TalentProcure. Ensure you always have the right people in the right roles. Contact us to learn more!
Welcome to TalentProcure's Managed Direct Sourcing Program—a partnership founded on expertise, collaboration, and a deep dive into the making the benefits of a direct-sourcing program work for your organization. As organizations face the complexities of this era, choosing a partner to manage your direct-sourcing initiative is critical to it’s success. Direct-souring is multi-faceted and without a cohesive process driven by measurable goals it will not return the cost savings and talent and client experience.

We help you create a compelling employer brand that resonates with the extended workforce, making your organization an attractive destination for skilled professionals. Our approach allows you to leverage your brand not only to attract full-time employees but also to include the extended workforce population. From reconnecting with your silver medalist candidates to engaging new talent in curated talent pools, we're here to build skills-based talent pools for the extended workforce.

TalentProcure's Managed Direct Sourcing Program allows your organization to compete for and secure top-tier contingent professionals, enhancing your workforce's overall capabilities. Efficient workforce management is essential for cost control and resource optimization.

Skill Needs Identification

We work closely with your team to pinpoint your organization's top skill requirements, ensuring that your talent pipeline aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

  • Not all roles are best suited for direct-sourcing.  Our collaborative journey begins by meticulously identifying the right roles for direct-sourcing  By proactively sourcing and curating an expert talent pool, you have rapid access to qualified candidates, ensuring minimal downtime, maximum productivity, and a consistent pipeline primed with top talent.


Brand Attraction

Leveraging your brand should extend beyond attracting full-time employees. It begins with expanding your talent homepage to allow candidates to select interest in contract roles, and then by working with your internal teams to capitalize on the untapped candidates within your ATS - alumni, silver medalists, previous contractors, etc.  Transforming this into a continuous source of referrals.  We specialize in building private contingent talent communities that give you quicker access to talent and foster collaboration with your internal talent acquisition teams. This collaborative approach also maximizes ROI from alumni, as we help you stay connected to and directly source talent from your knowledgeable workers, including former employees, contractors, and service providers.

Data-Driven Forecasting

Leveraging both market and internal data, we provide accurate insights to anticipate your talent needs, enabling proactive planning and hiring.

  • Our collaboration with advised analytics harnesses data-informed recruiting goals. With predictive analytics tools, we can anticipate talent requirements and run that against our density, ensuring you're always a step ahead.
  • We analyze market trends and your internal data, offering bespoke insights that ensure you're always in the lead in the talent acquisition arena.

Purpose Built Talent Pool

We curate a talent pool comprised of individuals with the specific skills your organization demands, ensuring you always have access to top-notch talent.

  • Focusing on skills ensures a flexible and adaptable workforce. Connecting with alumni and passive talent, we foster communities ready to tackle challenges head-on, irrespective of job titles.  TalentProcure specializes in crafting talent pools that focus on skills rather than just roles. We connect with alumni and passive talent, nurturing them into strong brand advocates through our social networks for further retention. This approach creates a talent pool that remains active and engaged, ready to meet your organization's evolving needs.
  • Our pools aren't just databases; they're vibrant communities, nurtured into becoming strong brand advocates, ensuring an active, engaged talent reservoir.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilizing a combined tech stack to streamline the talent acquisition process, reducing costs and friction while enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Our Tech Stack includes serving as the administrator of internal and external Marketplaces, integration when applicable with VMS and/or Client Systems.   Our platform provides real-time insights, ensuring advanced tracking capabilities and empowering you with robust talent analytics for informed decision-making.

Engagement Excellence

We engage both known and new talent, fostering long-lasting relationships that benefit your organization and the individuals in your talent pool.

  • Our engagement strategies optimize the use of your resources, ensuring that your organization benefits from the full potential of its talent pool, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.
  • We employ data-driven methods to measure and evaluate the impact of our engagement efforts, enabling you to make informed decisions and adjustments for sustainable, long-term success.


This synergy enables the swift deployment of top talent into your critical positions, giving you a competitive edge for repeated talent               re-engagement.
Find out how we can tailor our Managed Direct Sourcing service to partner with you!