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Managed Service Provider

We understand the evolving dynamics of today's business world. With industries constantly evolving, so too does the need for a flexible, responsive, and strategic workforce. Enter our Managed Service Program (MSP), a holistic approach to contingent workforce management.

A Comprehensive Contingent Workforce Solution

What Does Our MSP Do?

Our MSP offers a full-suite outsourcing of your contingent workforce program. Whether your needs lie in Temporary Staff Augmentation, AOR/EOR, SOW Management, or Managed Direct Programs, our MSP is designed to seamlessly integrate with your business operations. Here's what's included:

Program Management Our dedicated team ensures that service delivery remains top-notch. We monitor KPIs and SLA adherence, manage program governance, stay ahead of regulatory changes, and ensure seamless communication. We are also committed to fostering innovation within the program.
Supplier Management Our MSP takes care of every detail when it comes to suppliers. From fulfilling requirements, ensuring compliance with Master Service Agreements, to providing detailed scorecards, and rationalizing performance and utilization, we've got it covered.
Data Analytics With a focus on actionable insights, our data analytics tools spot trends, identify areas ripe for growth and improvements, and highlight talent forecasting opportunities, ensuring that you're always ahead of the curve.
Thought Leadership Stay informed with the latest in workforce and hiring trends. With contributions from our customers and a commitment to excellence, we provide insights that keep you ahead in the talent acquisition field.

Benefits of TalentProcure's MSP

Efficiency and Scalability
Outsourcing the management of your contingent workforce means you can focus on core business functions while we ensure your talent needs are met, regardless of scale.
Enhanced Supplier Performance

Our comprehensive supplier management ensures that all suppliers meet and exceed expectations measured through reporting and check in's. 

Access to
Best Practices
With our thought leadership, you get insights and trends that can be invaluable for your strategic planning.
Compliance and Risk Management
We stay abreast of regulations and legislation, reducing risks associated with non-compliance.
Cost Savings
With a streamlined process, reduced overheads, and strategic sourcing, businesses often find considerable cost savings.
Informed Decision
With advanced data analytics at your fingertips, making strategic decisions becomes more informed and effective.


So you can focus on what you do best: leading your business to success
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MSP Unbundled

In a fast-paced business landscape, not all organizations require or desire the complete outsourcing of their contingent workforce program. Recognizing this need for modularity and flexibility, we introduce MSP Unbundled.


What is MSP Unbundled?

MSP Unbundled is a bespoke service tailored for businesses with internally managed contingent workforce programs. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, MSP Unbundled allows organizations to selectively outsource specific components or tenets of their program. This co-managed model merges the strengths of an organization's internal capabilities with TalentProcure's deep expertise, creating a symbiotic partnership.

How It Works:

You, as the client, get to choose which activities to outsource, ensuring that the solution is molded precisely to your needs. Whether you want to retain control over certain countries, maintain direct supplier relationships, oversee VMS administration, or any other specific tenet, MSP Unbundled offers you the freedom to decide.

Examples Include:

Geographic FlexibilityFor global organizations, the MSP might be fully outsourced in one country and co-managed in another, depending on regional dynamics and business requirements.
Supplier Relationships If your organization wishes to maintain direct relations with suppliers for strategic or historic reasons, the MSP Unbundled model allows for that. While you nurture these relationships, TalentProcure can manage other facets of the program.

Why MSP Unbundled?

MSP Unbundled is a testament to TalentProcure's commitment to client-centric solutions. It acknowledges the diverse needs of different organizations and offers a tailored approach that ensures clients get the best of both worlds: the internal control they desire and the external expertise they require. It's about building a solution together, one that perfectly aligns with your organizational objectives and operational intricacies.


We are committed to finding a solution that works for you. Contact us today so that we can expertly craft a strategy that aligns with your organizational objectives!