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At TalentProcure, we take pride in being a diverse Managed Service Provider (MSP). We are committed to inclusivity and excellence, dedicated to delivering top-tier talent solutions and championing diversity in the workplace. 

As a certified Minority-Owned Business, we understand the importance of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our unique perspective and commitment to equal opportunities empowers us to connect you with a wide range of talented professionals from various backgrounds.

By partnership with TalentProcure, you not only gain access to exceptional MSP services, but also exposure and support to our diverse network of vendors, who value diversity and are dedicated to making a positive impact in the workforce.  Join us in creating a most inclusive and dynamic future for your organization.

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Our commitment to diversity means we have access to a wide range of talent from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. This diversity enriches your workforce and promotes innovation through varied perspectives.
We are well-versed in diversity-related regulations and compliance standards. Partnering with us helps you navigate these complex issues, reducing the risk of legal and reputational challenges.

Why a Diverse MSP?


Choosing a diverse MSP offers numerous benefits that extend beyond diversity targets in your workforce.  One of the largest benefits our clients reap is that all of their contingent labor spend can be claimed as Diverse Spend. By expanding your diversity spend, you drive up competition and drive down prices.  You also gain access to a whole network that allows you to be more likely to penetrate new markets and gain new customers.   



These three steps are the foundation of our approach.
Diversity SpendAs a Certified Minority-Owned business, working with us ensures that your staffing cost contributes to your diversity spend. 
Diverse Supplier NetworkWe carefully choose the vendor partnerships we have, ensuring great relationships, top-notch talent and diverse suppliers. 
Diverse Candidate PoolTalentProcure will help you create a diverse slate of candidates throughout your contingent workforce. We will work with your leadership to understand, mirror, and achieve your diversity targets.
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